Wondering if a podcast makes sense for your business?

How can you be sure that the podcast medium is right for you, your business, and your unique situation? ...

What We Offer

Podcasts have grown to become one of the most powerful marketing and advertising streams available, in addition to being a great tool to tell your brand’s story. Even more exciting is that the podcast space is still relatively young – with plenty of growing to do and popularity continuously on the rise! Currently, Canadian podcast consumers listen to an average of five podcasts per week, with 49% of these listeners consuming between 3 to 10 hours a week! That’s a lot of attention that an audience could be giving to your brand! 

The question is, is podcasting the right move to market your brand? Here’s a few reasons why the answer could be YES! 

  1. The power of establishing authority in your industry or on a particular subject is unmatched. Podcasts create a connection with your audience in such a way that once they are hooked, they are likely to devote a lot of time listening to your show every week. When your audience regards you as an expert in your field, sales conversions become an easier task. 
  2. AdSpark Podcast Services make it easier than ever. Business owners are usually busy people. Podcasting requires time and effort to be a meaningful traffic and lead generator. That’s where we come in! Our services are tailored to take the technicals out of running the show on your own, so you can focus on the aspects that matter most! 
  3. Podcasts are a unique marketing avenue and do very well at targeting individuals based on their interests and preferences. You can narrow down your audience without being confined geographically with listeners able to tune in from anywhere!
  4. Building better relationships with your audience. Podcasts are very good at building customer relationships with listeners. This presents a massive opportunity for your business to build trust, something that is not easy to establish – especially online! Brand trust is one of the most tried and true ways to increase conversions!

What We Offer

Our podcast services are designed with all the tools necessary to produce your podcast, help you find new listeners, and grow your audience. We offer several service options depending on your budget, time frame and goals. We offer: 

  • Customizable Podcast Studio Rental
  • In-Studio Equipment Rental
    • Lights
    • Cameras
    • Condenser Microphones
    • Mixing Board, Audio Equipment
  • Podcast Marketing Services
    • Website Development
    • Podcast Channel Management (All Podcast Platforms)
    • Paid Ads
    • Organic Social
  • Podcast General Services
    • Editing
      • Audio Mastering
      • Video Editing
    • AdSpark Podcast Host
      • Use your own podcast host, or hire ours!
    • Podcast Moderation
      • Topic Generation
      • Guest Organizer

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