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Six Tips to Consider When Marketing to Millennials

For years we’ve been hearing about the entitled nature of millennials. One of the largest generations in history, soon, those born between 1980 and 2000 will change the way we market and advertise. Millennials can often be stereotyped as entitled, lazy, and narcissistic. While some of these stereotypes are exaggerated, it does not change the fact that millennials can be difficult to market to. The good news: there is plenty of opportunity and by shifting some of your marketing initiatives you can capitalize on this increasingly lucrative market. Here are our top six ways to increase the likelihood that your brand will matter to young adults.

  1. Mobile first, everything else second. Having a mobile responsive website is no longer optional. Currently mobile browsing accounts for 51.3 per cent (Gibbs, 2016) of all web traffic. With millennials, this number is exponentially higher. If you’re trying to engage with a younger audience, ensure your marketing assets are mobile friendly.
  2. Instant Response – Customer service is no longer limited to “1-800” numbers. Millennials will communicate with your brand when they want and how they want. If a customer has a complaint, they may take it to Twitter or Facebook to air their grievances. Resolving and engaging with that customer on their terms will build loyalty and showcase transparency.
  3. Keep it Authentic – For millennials, brand authenticity is crucial. Excessive formality in marketing messaging is extremely hazardous. Millennials want to interact with brands that have personalities that mesh well with their own. So the next time you update your company’s Facebook page, try to sound down to earth, straightforward, and human.
  4. Add value through social media – Your company likely has a social media strategy. If this strategy only focuses on product related content or selling, you’re not going to reach millennials. Social media should be used to engage with users and inform them about your values, not your products.
  5. Be transparent – Know that every claim you make, every offer you promise will be researched, verified and checked. Millennials are extremely tech-savvy and will research your brand, product and offer before making a purchasing decision.
  6. Sell experiences not products – Millennials have prioritized “access” over “ownership.” Meaning, this generation will put off major purchases such as a home or a vehicle in exchange for vacations, cultural experiences and events of all kinds. What does this mean for you? Focus your marketing efforts on the experiences customers can have when using your product, rather
    than product features.

Marketing to this generation in the end boils down forgetting about the hard sell. Millennials like to research products themselves and make their own buying decisions. Meaning mass marketing campaigns centered on drilling your product offerings into the minds of millennials will not work. Rather your strategy should be built around providing authentic content that will enrich the everyday lives of your target audience.

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